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17 August 2008 @ 02:43 pm
List of Received Bio :D - Summer Dream  
I'll put the pages in order by first received first served. :D
I'll give an exclusion for those who are currently having examinations or work... :D

Right now, I'll give you guys an insight on what to expect in the booklet - and also for the designers to prepare what to design for >.<
  • First page: cover
  • 2nd page: the organizer forewords
  • 3rd: Song list & album cover
  • 4th: first song - Summer dream [song credits, participants,lyrics]
  • 5th: cooking cooking [song credits, participants,lyrics]
  • 6th: good luck [song credits, participants,lyrics]
  • till 19 song pages
  • the singer pages: [pictures + bio + signature]
  • last page cover
I actually envisioned this to be some sort of a pdf file, but now I want to make it like a web magazine format... and i'm looking for a temporary host to host this collab magazine. I'm planning to get myself a new domain in 3-4 months time and host my collab website and this too. :D so if anyone would like to host this, (i only need space to host these pictures & links.all songs will be uploaded somewhere else) please email me! [excrucified at g mail. c o m]. This will not be up immediately, but perhaps, a month or so later? it may be earlier.

here's a sneak preview of the cover! :D
i'm going on to page 2, and i think it's going to be completed faster than i think! :D

RECEIVED COMPLETE BIO! :D (In order in book)
  1. ooreo
  2. la.la.la
  3. divineoathx
  4. aiko_da luv child
  5. lovechangmin
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